If you’re looking for ideas on how to surprise your parents for a birthday, anniversary or just make them a nice present without any particular reason, think about organising an exciting tour. Such a gift will be the best way to show your attention and help your mom and dad create even more happy memories. Our professional San Diego black car service PTK Auto team gathered three tour ideas that would be a great fit for parents.

The Best Tours in San Diego to Surprise Your Parents 3

90-Minute San Diego SEAL Tour

This tour is a unique sightseeing experience! Your parents will enjoy an exciting excursion both on land and on water. A professional guide will tell them all about the most exciting sights in San Diego, sharing the most incredible details of the city. Those also include why the military in San Diego is so important. After reaching the Big Bay, their tour vehicle splashes into the water and continues its path. It is possible because of its unique design and construction, which navigates on sea and land.

During the journey, your parents will observe the mighty Navy ships, small fishing vessels and greet cute seals on the shore. These 90 minutes of casual observation and learning the history of great San Diego will make great memories for your dearest people.

San Diego: Harbor Cruise

A luxurious cruise on the San Diego Bay will be an excellent present for your parents. Treat your dearest people to the best sights in the city and the calm, peaceful atmosphere of a cruise. A gorgeous ship with three levels contains comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, 360-degree views of the stunning San Diego sights, and an onboard bar where your mom and dad can enjoy snacks and drinks.

One more bonus is choosing the route and going under the Coronado Bridge, past military ships, waterfront landmarks, or marine life. A pleasant and well-educated guide will tell many exciting things about the city and its history and answer additional questions.

The Best Tours in San Diego to Surprise Your Parents 4

San Diego: Whale Watching Tours

It’s a peaceful activity for those who love observing wild nature. Between December and April, you can arrange an up-close look at approximately 20,000 grey whales migrating along the coast of San Diego. Such an experience will become a lifetime memory for everyone. If your parents are lucky, they will also see more marine wildlife: dolphins, sea lions, and other beautiful creatures. 

As the yacht follows the whale migration path, the ocean experts will tell you everything about the ocean ecosystem and help you understand the sea creatures that live in it. Such a spectacular journey requires a camera to capture the significant moments!

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