If you are lucky to be in San Diego, you cannot miss an opportunity to try one of the tastiest dishes of Mexican cuisine and one of the most popular street food types – taco. But to taste an authentic dish, you should go to Old Town San Diego.

There, you can try all types of tacos, enjoy your meal in a historical setting, and taste a homemade tortilla prepared in front of you. And don’t forget to get hungry before visiting the local restaurants and taquerias! There, all types of tacos are waiting for you!

Where Can You Find the Tastiest Taco in San Diego? Tips for Tourists from PTK Auto Chauffeurs 3
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Taco de Barbacoa

The preparation process of taco de barbacoa is long and laborious but the result exceeds your expectations. Meat, normally lamb but can also be beef or goat, is wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed in an underground oven. That’s why it has that unrepeatable texture – it literally melts in your mouth! The meat is served in a taco with herbs, onions, and with a plate of broth.

Tacos de Carne Asada

These tacos are among the most popular ones. They are made from marinated meat that is grilled over charcoal. The meat is served on a tortilla.

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al pastor are made from marinated pork. The meat is grilled on a vertical rotisserie, anchored on top and bottom with a piece of pineapple. Taqueros cut the meat off the spit into a warm tortilla and put some onions and cilantro on top of it.

They are among the easiest to prepare. That’s why you can easily find them everywhere.

Where Can You Find the Tastiest Taco in San Diego? Tips for Tourists from PTK Auto Chauffeurs 4

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Where Can You Find the Tastiest Taco in San Diego? Tips for Tourists from PTK Auto Chauffeurs 5
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The Best Restaurants in Old Town

Now, we are here with our San Diego travel guide – restaurants specifically. In Old Town, you can find plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants, some of which are 30 or 40 years old. An authentic restaurant is the best place to try national dishes.

Cafe Coyote

They are known for their homemade tortillas. It means that you can try them when they are freshly baked, and moreover, you can even observe how they are made. Carnitas tacos are their specialty, and their homemade margarita will perfectly accompany this dish.

Tuetano Taqueria

Birria, slow-cooked beef with spices is their specialty. Accompany it with a local brew or a cucumber michelada, and you will want to visit once more to experience that taste again!

Casa de Fred’s

Here, you can find typical Mexican dishes, flavors inspired by Baja California, and American-infused meals – this experience can be found here only! And once you are ready with tacos, don’t forget to book your chauffeured winery tour!

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