Are you into art, and the best destination for you is something where you can really breathe the air filled with creativity and even participate in the creation of some masterpieces, the Spanish Village Art Center in San Diego is your place. Don’t miss this unique opportunity once you decide to come to San Diego. And if you value art above all indeed, you can choose the Spanish Village Art Center as your vacation destination. We bet you won’t regret it.


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What Spanish Village Art Center Offers Its Guests

Whatever you love in art, you can find it there, in the Spanish Village Art Center. You can observe artists at work or even see how they are preparing a piece upon request. Don’t forget to order something special there to keep it as a memory of this amazing location.

If you want to get more hands-on experience, consider joining one of the classes organized there. During a class, you can learn how to build a totem, paint, make ceramic figurines, work with glass – different technologies are available, work with polymer clay or even make pottery.

After a class, you can take the piece you have created with you. Don’t forget to take care of transportation to your hotel. Our premium car transfers are the most optimal choice to deliver you and your masterpieces directly to the selected destination.

There is always something going on in the Art Center. You can enjoy there live art demonstrations, participate in sales organized by the artist guilds, and simply stroll around enjoying the environment filled with creativity and positive emotions.

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San Diego Balboa Park

The Spanish Village Art Center for Special Events

This place is created for special events. You can rent a patio there and enjoy with your guests the enchantment of the country yard under the starry night sky. It is a perfect location for corporate meetings, holiday parties, weddings, birthdays, or if you simply want to impress somebody with your elaborate taste and fineness of feelings.

Why Choosing Us

It doesn’t matter when you go there and when you want to come back to your accommodation – our celebrity limousine service is available to deliver you and your guests there and bring them back. Our chauffeur will arrive at your special event dressed in a smart suit, shirt, and tie, and will open and close the car doors for you and your guests to go into and out of the vehicle.

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