San Diego is ready to delight you with eternally sunny weather, vibrant nightlife, and the best shops and boutiques. PTK Auto offers a unique service — a shopping tour with a driver in an SUV. What could be better than the opportunity to personally select and book one of the best black cars from BMW, Mercedes, GMC, or Lincoln with a private driver who will take you to the best-branded shops in San Diego?

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Shopping in San Diego and LA can be quite an exciting and lengthy experience. There are a lot of branded stores for clothes, shoes, and other exciting things for every taste. Enjoy the beauty of shopping with luxury car services. A personal driver will be your assistant, load all your purchases into the car, and take you to any commercial area of San Diego quickly and safely.

Shopping in the Gaslamp Quarter

If you’re a true designer connoisseur, head to the famous Gaslamp quarter. Here you will find clothes and accessories from Dolcetti, Eden, Outfitters, QuickSilver, and many other brands. The abundance of designer shops will allow you to purchase quality items. The presence of jewelry stores, liquor stores, souvenir shops, and cultural centers in the quarter will help you have an exciting time.

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Fir Street is a place worth visiting

Another famous place is Fir Street, which is not to be missed on your shopping tour of San Diego. This area is full of designer boutiques of young and popular brands with exclusive clothing and accessories at great prices. Here you can find Love & Aesthetics stores and Vocabulary Boutique, which are worth paying attention to. And on the opposite street, we recommend visiting jewelry stores and boutiques with accessories, where you will find something to your liking.

Fashion Valley is an ocean of boutiques

Fashion Valley is the place where you can find everything literally. It stands out firmly among the many centers of San Diego. Here you can meet branded stores of major digital technology manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Visit designer boutiques of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and have an exciting time strolling through the pavilions of cosmetics, perfumes, and fine jewelry stores. You can relax after shopping in one of the local cafes or restaurants and in the cinema.

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Shopping at Las Americas Premium Outlets

Las Americas Premium Outlets, another well-known shopping center in San Diego, is ready to offer discounts on popular products all year round. Here you can find boutiques of big and famous world brands such as Coach and Polo Ralph Lauren. The high-end mall is located near the US-Mexico border. This is an atmospheric and fantastic place, so we recommend allocating at least two hours or more for the tour.

Thanks to limo service in San Diego, you will not be constrained in time and can fully explore the sights of this beautiful place. It is also worth visiting local liquor stores, and you can relax and have a snack during the tour in local cafes, where you can meet various cuisines. 

Viejas Outlet Center is a shopping and casino

Last on the list, but not the least attractive, is the Viejas shopping center. Famous designer boutiques include Nike, Coach, Levi’s, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Vans stores. The shopping center has a beautiful skating rink that works in winter.

This is where you can shop slowly and leisurely, enjoying the greenery, local sculptors, and a pleasant atmosphere. Many interesting activities will interest children, such as an interactive fountain, multimedia shows, a play area, or an arcade entertainment area. And for adults, you can have fun in the casino and try your luck here. You can have a bite to eat at the local KFC, then visit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and buy some sweets for the road or at home.

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Book a shopping tour at PTK Auto

If you have already chosen a place where you are ready to go shopping, book a professional chauffeur service online or by calling now! You will have the opportunity to select a car based on your preferences. We recommend selecting first-class SUVs, which are perfect for such purposes due to their large capacity.

Hurry up, book a luxury car service and tour the best shops in San Diego County now. By booking services with us, you will be allowed in time. You will also receive a high level of service at a pleasant and, most importantly, fixed price.

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