San Diego is a beautiful travel destination! The warm ocean breeze, golden sunsets, and fascinating landscapes make it perfect for outdoor activities. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful Californian city, a great outdoor travel guide includes must-visit locations in San Diego County.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is one of the oldest public parks in the United States. The 5 km2 area of a historical and cultural urban centre contains beautiful open space, many gardens, and walking paths. It also houses 16 museums, several theatres, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

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Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is a famous centre of entertainment and nightlife in San Diego. It offers visitors activities for every occasion, from a romantic date to a birthday celebration or bachelor/bachelorette party. The district is full of fancy restaurants, cosy coffee shops and tasty spots for a quick bite. Everyone will find something that fits him best.  Gaslamp Quarter is also famous for its bars, nightclubs, live performances and rooftop lounges. The locals call it the heart and soul of San Diego, and the visitors include it in their list of must-visit places.

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San Diego Zoo

Probably everyone has heard of San Diego Zoo. It is one of the most famous and most visited animal parks in the United States. People from all over the country come to San Diego to observe the variety of wildlife kingdoms and enjoy carefully recreated natural animal habitats.

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Belmont Park

An excellent old amusement park located in the Mission Bay area of San Diego opened its doors in 1925 and has become one of the favourite locations of the locals and visitors of the city. Crazy roller coasters, zero gravity, and carousels on the beach with a fascinating view attract millions of people every year.

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Spanish Village Art Center

Located in Balboa Park, Spanish Village Art Center gathers many working local artists who create real art in front of a live audience. You can meet over 200 talented painters, sculptors, jewellery designers, glass, enamel, leather and digital artists, photographers, printmakers, etc. These are the five most popular locations for outdoor activities in San Diego. If you’re planning on visiting the city in nearly future, remember to take care of convenient transportation services. At PTK Auto, we guarantee you a flawless black car service with premium vehicles, polite chauffeurs and fair prices. Check our website to make sure yourself!

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