Numerous clubs, bars, concert halls, and restaurants in San Diego offer you plenty of opportunities to hear the unique sound of live music and enjoy a captivating performance. If you’re new in the city or looking for some unexplored places to visit — feel free to choose out of seven the best spots in San Diego to hear live music.

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San Diego Symphony

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra is the oldest in California. Since 1910, it has become one of the leading United States and provides exceptional musical experience. The Orchestra performs over 140 concerts each year and has something to offer for every music taste: from the traditional classical repertoire to Broadway hits and the Great American Songbook.

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SOMA San Diego

SOMA is a popular concert venue for punk and alternative-rock concerts in downtown San Diego. It was first known as a dance club but then transformed into a place where people go to listen to live music. SOMA is also were popular brands like Blink-182 began their music career.

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The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park

The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park was a five-year-long project that came to life in 2021. This art concert venue hosts San Diego Symphony during summer, offering listeners excellent acoustics, great views, and comfortable seatings.

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The Observatory North Park

The North Park is a legendary place and mecca for everyone who truly enjoys good music. Moreover, recently it has been completely upgraded to one of the best and newest nightlife hotspots in San Diego.

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Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay

Another concert venue in San Diego is one of the favourite outdoor locations for concerts and events. Located on Shelter Island, it offers you great views with good music and a friendly atmosphere.

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Music Box

Music Box is another popular premier live music, event, and entertainment venue in San Diego. It hosts hundreds of talented artists and provides visitors with the best service and the friendliest atmosphere.

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Casbah is a legendary venue open since 1989 and has hosted such rock legends as Nirvana. Today the place remains a hot spot for famous brands and invites visitors to listen to such artists as MGMT, Franz Ferdinand, The xx and others.

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The 7 Best Places To Hear Live Music in San Diego 7
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