San Diego is a big beautiful city with a lot to discover. If you’re visiting it for the first time or want to explore some new places, here are ten of the most popular streets in the city. San Diego private chauffeur service PTK Auto will guarantee you comfortable and fast navigation from point to point.

10 Popular Streets In San Diego. California Travel Guide 3

5th Avenue

San Diego’s 5th Avenue is one of the main streets in the city. It is located in the central Gaslamp Quarter district and is filled with Victorian and Baroque architecture.

El Prado

El Prado is one of the most popular and green streets in San Diego. It features beautiful gardens and goes through the famous Balboa Park. Many museums and art galleries are located here, including the San Diego Natural History Museum and Fleet Science Center.

University Avenue

University Avenue is filled with the atmosphere of youth. It is the centre of bar-hopping and nightlife in San Diego. The best breweries in the city are also located on University Avenue. Locals recommend visiting Bivouac Ciderworks, 619 Spirits, and Mike Hess Brewing. After beer tasting, don’t forget to hire a chauffeur service to drive you home safely.

Mission Boulevard

Mission Boulevard welcomes you with gorgeous beachfront views and various attractions.

It starts from the famous Belmont Park with a retro carousel and roller coasters and continues its path into the diverse selection of bars, beach clubs, and cafés. It’s an excellent spot for shopping, active rest and taking pictures.

Kettner Boulevard

Kettner Boulevard is a “tasty” location on the map of San Diego. Located in the city’s culinary ground zero, Little Italy, it hosts many esteemed chefs. So if you want to have a wonderful dinner in San Diego, consider visiting one of the restaurants on Kettner Boulevard. PTK Auto will provide you with the luxury car service to make your evening completely flawless.

10 Popular Streets In San Diego. California Travel Guide 4

San Diego Avenue

San Diego Avenue is filled with a Mexican atmosphere. It is one of the oldest streets in the city, located in Old Town. The street has many historic buildings, a beautiful San Diego State Historic Park and the Old Town Market with handmade crafts and organic products. The smartest way to get to San Diego Avenue is using a town car service.

Prospect Street

Prospect Street is a popular shopping centre with many boutiques, designer stores, and art galleries. It features colourful murals on the La Jolla Art Walk and dozens of cafés and restaurants to grab a bite. The street also houses The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.

Garnet Avenue

A relaxed and friendly Garnet Avenue is the best location to watch the sunset while sitting in a restaurant and listening to music. When the sun goes down, it turns into a festive and crowded street with lively bars and beach clubs near the beach. After partying till sunset, call San Diego Chauffeur Service PTK Auto to pick you up.

Adams Avenue

It’s a modern street that is very popular with young people. Adams Avenue houses trendy cafes with Vietnamese, Thai, and Italian cuisine. Also, it hosts annual public events like concerts, tastings, and festivals.

Newport Avenue

If you’re looking for the beach vibe, Newport Avenue is the right place. It is always full of surfers who come here from The Ocean Beach Pier and chill before and after riding the waves. The avenue has many delicious cafes and places to grab a refreshing drink.

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