Planning a vacation is always a painstaking process because selecting a location for a holiday can confuse anyone because the choice is extensive. PTK Auto, the best private chauffeur service, has selected 5 ideas for active recreation in San Diego that only some people know about. Rent kayaks, bike rides, or scuba diving while watching the marine life off the coast. Book VIP transportation in San Diego and go on vacation.

5 New Ideas for Outdoor Activities in San Diego 3

1. Kayak Rental for Two People in La Jolla

La Jolla is a picturesque coastal village with beautiful beaches and clear water. Kayaking as a form of recreation is a widespread phenomenon for family travel in La Jolla, California and is quite an exciting type of active recreation. There are several places to rent kayaks, each offering single and double kayaks. The second option is great for couples or friends who want to have fun together.

Kayak rentals provide a guided tour of La Jolla Nature Reserve. In the ecological reserve, you can see various marine animals, fish, birds and mammals. You will receive all the necessary equipment and safety training. The average price of renting kayaks is about 60 dollars. Kayaking will bring you much fun, thrills, and a unique experience. And San Diego to La Jolla transportation services will get you there safely.

2. Full Day Electric Bike Rental San Diego

Do you like cycling? If you have never tried this recreation, it will be a discovery. Explore San Diego’s beaches and attractions at your own pace. It can be done successfully with the help of an electric bicycle rental service. Rentals are available all day; you also get extra gear for safe riding. Go to Del Mar, explore Solana Beach, and appreciate the beauty of Carlsbad. And you can quickly get to the electric bike rental service in Solana Beach with the help of luxury car service San Diego from PTK Auto.

The route to the exciting places of the district can last up to 8 hours, and the rental is available for groups of up to 8 people. The price for renting electric transport for walks starts from 86 dollars. When booking, you get a mobile ticket, which is quite convenient. You can meet incredible natural landscapes, rural towns and beach areas on the way. And you will also have the opportunity to stop at one of the accompanying restaurants or cafes for lunch. If you are in San Diego County for the first time and have yet to learn about the area, the town car service in San Diego will come in handy and safely take you to any point on the map without too much trouble.

3. Eco Pedal Boat Day Rental and Night Glow Boat in San Diego Bay

Want to get from Los Angeles to San Diego Bay quickly? Pedal boating is one of the most popular and widespread types of active recreation. It is an excellent transport for exploring the marine spaces of San Diego Bay. The vehicle can accommodate up to 4 people (3 adults and 1 child). A water bike is environmentally friendly and easy to use because you don’t need any additional training to get around. Such a vacation is suitable for people of any age.

A pleasant bonus is the possibility of evening walks in such a vehicle. It will be an unbelievable way to spend a romantic date. The bicycle is equipped with lighting from all sides, which allows you to orient yourself when moving. And the rental services offer to take you through the night bay so that you can feel completely safe and devote yourself to conversations and relaxation. The cost of renting water transport starts from 52 dollars. If you are interested in the idea, we suggest you find the most suitable rental service and book a limousine transfer to San Diego Bay from Los Angeles.

4. All Day Snorkel Package Rental

Being on the Pacific coast makes it hard to resist getting to know the local marine inhabitants. The variety that local beaches offer in this regard is impressive. That is why snorkeling is very popular among tourists. Rent a mask and breathing tubes, familiarize yourself with the map of the area and go on an interesting sea tour to study marine life. And you can quickly get to La Jolla Bay, where most snorkeling equipment rental services are located, with black SUV service.

Snorkeling, although simple, is an amazingly interesting and exciting activity. When you dive underwater, you can meet incredible landscapes and animals that are difficult to see on the surface. Services care about their customers, so they often offer to familiarize themselves with the virtual map at the beginning of the route. It helps to avoid getting lost in the process and to explore more unique specimens of animals that are not found everywhere. The rental price starts from 12 dollars, and children from 8-9 years old can also engage in this type of active recreation. If you try snorkeling with your family, book an elite black car service transfer and go to La Jolla Beach today.

5. Incredible Slot Canyons to the Pacific

The last on the list, but not the last in terms of the set of emotions and sensations it can give you, is the idea of visiting the incredible gaming canyons in Torrey Pines. These are serpentine caves and passages formed by sandstone and winds. Making your way through them, you will have the opportunity to explore them, observe incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, and go out to a majestic cave with a waterfall. The journey can be stressful sometimes, but the result is worth it. You can get to the Torrey Pines area with San Diego’s private transportation.

Different companies offer tours for large groups of people, single tourists, and couples. We recommend that you take a camera with you because there will be a lot of photographic landscapes here and you will have something to take as a memory of this place. The tour can last an average of 2 hours, and you will receive a short safety briefing at the start. Tour prices start at $57. If you like this idea, go ahead and hit the road.

Book VIP transportation to San Diego. Your driver will take you to your destination quickly and safely, and the option to book a return transfer will be helpful at the end of your vacation.

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