If you want to experience something special, visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego would be the right choice for you. This is one of the most amazing touristic places in San Diego where you can learn more about Japanese culture and simply have some rest and enjoy your time in a stunning place. This place is visited by famous artists, bloggers, and other creative persons for a reason: breathtaking views, special architecture combined with thriving greenery, and the natural beauty of the place draw inspiration and help to create masterpieces.

Official site: niwa.org

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Japanese Friendship Garden is Worth Visiting

What can you do in the Japanese Friendship Garden? Actually, there are plenty of activities there, depending on the visiting time.

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The World Bee Day

On May 21st, the park is hosting a World Bee celebration day. If you are interested in bees and their role in our ecosystem, this is the event for you. A lot of information about bees, their role in the world, threats they face, and how to help them, along with many interesting activities for both adults and kids, presents – you can enjoy all these things if you visit World Bee Day. and of course, our chauffeur will take you there and deliver you back to your hotel comfortably to ensure your experience doesn’t get spoilt by taxi service.

If you would like your kids to spend more free time participating in interesting activities and learning new things, the Summer Camp is available! They can spend time playing in the Garden, learning karate, origami, Sumi-e, and even the secret language of the Japanese Friendship Garden! Of course, our chauffeur will deliver your family there and pick them up after a long tiring but interesting day.

Adopt a Koi

This event is for those who love fish in general, and funny Japanese Koi fish specifically. Within the event, you can provide sponsorship to take better care of those funny Koi fish that are bred in the Japanese Friendship Garden. Depending on the sponsorship tier, you can name the fish, get letters with updates, get a JPG Koi Plushie, and even enjoy private Koi feeding in the garden. Whether you want to provide the sponsorship in your name or the name of somebody you love, we bet it is going to be the most amazing experience ever.

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Why Choosing Us

Do not forget that getting to the Japanese Friendship Garden is more convenient if you book one of those executive black cars that we have in our garage. All our cars are new and freshly valeted to ensure the top experience for you or your guests. Our chauffeurs are well-trained to deliver the service you expect.

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