Visiting Disneyland is a dream of every kid and almost every adult. If you are in San Diego, Disneyland is a must-to-visit destination. But how is it possible to go there?

How Far Is It from San Diego to Disneyland? 3
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If you choose public transportation, you can count on more or less 3 hours of a trip. Along with the duration, another challenge you will face is constant changes. The trip starts at the Santa Fe Depot train station. From there, you take Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner or the North County Transit District’s Coaster – whatever looks more appealing to you. After you arrive at the Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Station, you transfer to the Anaheim Resort Transit Route 15, and with it, you arrive directly at the Disneyland Resort.

Most people complain that in the end, the trip turns out into something challenging indeed. After you arrive there, there is no energy to enjoy the place. If you travel with kids, it turns out to be even more challenging, quite a nightmare, to say the least.

An Alternative Way to Go to Disneyland: Use a Car

No, we don’t mean that you need to drive all the way from your home to San Diego and then from San Diego to Disneyland. What about booking a professional chauffeur service to go to any destination, including Disneyland, within the shortest time possible, with top safety and comfort? This is the service we offer.

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We Deliver You and Your Family Fast

With us, your trip duration reduces from approximately 3 hours to one hour and a half. It is already a benefit, but with it, all the perks we are offering aren’t over yet.

Comfort Is at the Top Level

With us, you will go to Disneyland not only fast but also at the top comfort level. All our cars are new and freshly valeted. They all have bottled water, tissues, and umbrellas to make your trip even more convenient, and upon request, we will provide you with a children’s seat.

Our prices are affordable, they are just slightly higher than when you hire a car. Our chauffeurs will assist you with your luggage and will deliver you to the destination within the most reasonable time.

How Far Is It from San Diego to Disneyland? 5

The Best Attractions to Visit in Disneyland, California

Once you are there, make sure you and your family enjoy it to the full extent. Do not forget to visit Adventureland if you or your closest ones are interested in wild unexplored parts of our planets. There, you will have an opportunity to experience the Indiana Jones Adventure, to see and visit the Walt Disney Enchanted Tiki Room, and other places that won’t leave you indifferent.

Frontierland helps you to experience the life of the American pioneers. A Railroad, a river boat, and a sailing ship are waiting for you! With them, you can reach Tom Sawyer Island and look for hidden treasures there!

Fantasyland helps to make all the kids’ dreams come true. Meet Peter Pan, pass by the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, and enjoy all the favorite fairy tales there.

Mickey’s Toontown welcomes those who want to visit the houses of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse and travel by Mickey’s Runaway Railway. You don’t need to worry about how to go there and come back. Book a San Diego chauffeur car right now, and enjoy your trip. After a long day in Disneyland, you can use our transportation services San Diego to arrive at your hotel safely. With us, you can forget about worries about transportation, long waiting times and crowded hours in public transport, and search for a taxi. Book a car you wish in advance, and have fun!

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