Everyone who plans to visit San Diego has heard of the famous San Diego Zoo and its Safari Park. It is always included in the San Diego travel guides, and everyone recommends it as the must-visit location in California. We heard a lot about the legendary San Diego Zoo, so let’s shed light on the exciting Safari Park.

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An Unforgettable Experience At The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Since our childhood, we remember observing zoo animals with our parents and spending the weekends at the local zoos. For those who would like to be even closer to the wildlife, the San Diego Zoo offers a unique experience — safari tours across the vast area of the thoughtfully created animal park with over 2000 species of wild and endangered animals.

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Wildlife Safari is a guided adventure into the savanna habitats where giraffes, lions and zebras live. A professional guide will tell you everything about the birds and mammals of the savanna while you enjoy the ride in the back of a covered, open-air safari truck.

Behind-The-Scenes Safari offers an even more wildlife experience as you will be escorted to various locations around the Park to see animals up close and share stories of wildlife care and conservation.

Cart Safari is a 60-minute cart tour of the Park’s spacious African or Asian savanna habitats. A professional guide will walk you through the history of plants and animals in the care of the Safari Park and answer all of your possible questions about flora and fauna.

Sun Up Cheetah Safari is the best experience for all wild cats lovers. Starting early, this tour will show its participants the morning magic of the animal kingdom, witnessing the fastest animals on land and in the air in action.

Ultimate Safari is the best possible variant to get close to the animal kingdom. It is a personal guided tour tailored to your special requests and desires. It can take up to five hours of exploring habitat areas and interacting with animals with the assistance of a professional guide.

Roar&Snoar Safari includes an unforgettable sleepover surrounded by nature. Camp activities, observing the wildlife of our animals, guided walks, and a campfire program are included.

Flightline Safari is quite exotic way to explore wildlife. You’ll get a fascinating bird’s-eye view of 130 feet above the ground, enjoying the beautiful savanna habitats below you.

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Plan Your Visit To The San Diego To Safari Park

You can visit the online zoo and watch the animals through the live cams or plan a trip and order actual San Diego Zoo tickets. To reach the Californian wildlife kingdom, you can use some help from the San Diego chauffeur service PTK Auto. Flexible booking conditions and affordable pricing makes our private chauffeur service one of the leading in San Diego County.

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