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PTK Auto continues exploring places far from the city hassle that are perfect to visit if you are traveling in the company of friends or with your family. We have already written about Orfila vineyards and wineries, we have mentioned our chauffeured wine tour to Temecula Valley, and now, it is the turn of Edna Valley.

Edna is another breathtaking place that amazes visitors with its pristine landscapes, pleasant weather, and chilly breezes.

However, landscapes are not the only attraction of San Luis Obispo and Edna Valley. The town is famous for its vineyards. You can find a lot of bars and tasting rooms there. Here, you can try not only famous Californian wines but also those made in other valleys sush as Napa and Satara valley.

Do not miss an opportunity to have a trip out of the town. In the valley, there are many small private wineries that make just 5,000-6,000 bottles of wine per year. This wine is delivered to local shops and restaurants only, you cannot try them anywhere else. So, the best wine tastings and unique experiences are waiting for you not in the town but in its surroundings. Of course, the best way to go there is to hire a chauffeured winery tour from PTK Auto. Our chauffeur will not only deliver you to the wished locations but will give valuable advice on what wineries can be visited directly and for which advance registration is required.

San Luis Obispo and Edna Valley – the Best Wine Tastings 2022 4

The Best Wine Tours near San Diego

If your time is limited, you might want to visit the best places in Edna valley. That’s why we have prepared some recommendations for your San Diego wine county chauffeured tour.

Edna Valley Vineyard

This vineyard was founded in 1980, and it became popular thanks to its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but now, its assortment is much more varied, and wines are produced from locally grown grape types and from grapes brought from other places. From the tasting room, you can enjoy magnificent views of Edna Valley.

Baileyana-Tangent-True Myth

This vineyard and tasting room are unique because they are located in a historical building of 1909. Initially, it was a school but in 1973, somebody planted grapes, and thus, a vineyard was founded. Now, you can enjoy more than 30 types of all kinds of wine, including those that are kept in oak barrels and are expensive indeed.

In the proximity of the tasting room, you can find some beautiful places for a picnic and enjoy there fresh air and local food – with a cup of good wine, of course.

Wolf Vineyards

This is a small vineyard in Edna valley that started producing wine with a registered location name. In other words, we can say that this vineyard is the first that has introduced the local brand. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the wine types that were produced initially but now, the vineyard produces wine from many more grape types, including those that were brought from Germany, France, and other countries. We can say confidently that there, you can find the best wine types made from the best grape types.

If you want to visit the most places within the shortest time and enjoy every second spent in Edna valley, book a private chauffeur-driven trip on, without intermediaries, at the most reasonable prices. We bet your trip will be as enjoyable as it can be, and even if you taste too much wine, you don’t have to worry about how to get to your hotel. After Edna valley, you might want to see other vineyards, too. Consider Temecula wine tours from San Diego, and if you want, our chauffeur can bring you there the next day after your visit to Edna valley.

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